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Pragmatic Research, Inc. (PRI) is a full service marketing research firm conveniently located in Clayton, Mo. - a business district of St. Louis, Mo.

PRI has been in business since 1985 and has experience designing, executing and analysing quantitative and qualitative marketing research studies based on the marketing research process. Field services include a call center, a focus group facility and a sensory testing facility. PRI has served multiple industries and clients that range in size from small business to fortune 500 companies as well as state and local governments.

We are problem solvers. Ultimately, we solve management decision problems and take pride in our work. The most rewarding part of our job is providing valuable data, insights, recommendations and solutions to our clients. PRI is a member of the Marketing Research Association (MRA).

Services Offered
Marketing research is a vital business process. Methods, needs, measures, design, sampling and analysis are all important parts of the research process and different objectives require different techniques. PRI provides services for any stage of the marketing research process including full service ad-hoc projects and data collection using our in-house expert call center. By keeping the research process in-house PRI provides cost savings, time savings and increased privacy to both clients and respondents.

From determining objectives to quantitative and qualitative data collection to analysis and reporting, PRI can guide you through the research process using the appropriate research tools (depending on research objectives).

Services Include
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research Projects
  • Analysis and Reporting
  • Data Collection
  • Focus Group and In-Depth-Interview Hosting
  • Professional Interviewing/Recruiting
PRI uses Digium hardware, Microsoft Office products, SPSS and WinCross coupled with open source technologies in order to pass on the savings to clients.

A Sample of the Open Source Technologies Utilized by PRI
  • Ubuntu
  • Apache OpenOffice
  • Asterisk
  • LimeSurvey
  • QueXS
  • The R Project
Research Services
PRI provides both quantitative and qualitative research services depending on client needs and research objectives.

Qualitative Services
  • Focus Group Research
  • In-Depth-Interviews (IDIs, e.g. Executives/Doctors)
  • Intercept Studies
  • New Product Development (NPD)
  • Panel Studies
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Usability Studies
As well as providing high quality qualitative research services, PRI loves math (when applicable) and prides itself on providing high level statistical analysis, including but not limited to column testing (T-test and ANOVA), Principle Components Factor Analysis, Regression Analysis and Discriminant Analysis.

Quantitative Services
  • New product development (NPD)
  • Experimental Designs
  • Positioning
    • Perceptual Mapping (Principal Components Analysis)
  • Satisfaction
    • Multiple Regression Analysis
    • Relative Importance
  • Segmentation
    • Cluster Analysis
    • Multiple Discriminant Analysis (Segmentation Algorithms)
  • Statistical Analysis, Tables and Banners
    • The R Project
    • SPSS
    • WinCross
Thousands of valid, reliable multi-item measures and constructs
  • Consumer Behavior Scales
  • Advertising Scales
  • Organizational and Sales Force Scales
Field Services
PRI provides high quality field services including an expert call center, moderating, professional interviewing, hosting and sensory testing services.

Data Collection Services
  • Broadcast Fax Methodologies
  • Data Entry
    • Code Frame Development
    • Open End Coding and Tabulations
  • Ci3, Web and Spreadsheet Programming (e.g. MDA integrated into a Ci3 script or an Excel spreadsheet)
  • Mail Merging and Snail-Mail Methodologies
    • Bulk Test Product Mailing
    • Onsite and Offsite Product Testing
  • Professional Interviewing
    • Focus Group Moderating
    • Executive Interviewing
    • Doctor/Medical Interviewing
    • On-Site Intercepting
    • Hosting
  • Telephone Methodologies
    • QueXS CATI System integrated with Asterisk
    • Nationwide Recruiting and Local Databases
  • Web Methodologies
    • Survey Monkey and email blasting with tracking
As well as providing data collection, PRI also has a focus group facility and a sensory testing facility on-site.

Facility Services
  • Viewable Conference Room with Seating for up to Twelve (12) Respondents
  • A Client Viewing Room with Seating for up to (12) Clients
  • A Client Lounge with Televised Viewing
  • HD Video and Audio Recording
    • Cloud Storage (e.g. .mp4)
    • Multiple Media Formats (e.g. Blu-ray, DVD, .mp4, .wav, .mp3, cassette tape)
    • Video Streaming
    • FocusVision Available
  • High Speed Internet Connection and WiFi
  • Central, Convenient Location in Clayton, Mo.
Sensory Testing Services
  • Experimental Designs
  • Claims Testing
  • Dedicated Office Space
    • Reception Area
    • Private Office Workspace (e.g. Exit Interviewing)
    • High Speed Internet and Telephone Lines
  • Eight (8) Fully-Equipped Sensory Testing Stations
    • Four (4) Stations Include One-Way Mirror Viewing
    • CCTV Monitoring and Recording Available
Contacting PRI
To join a PRI database or contact PRI, please use one of the contact submenus.

PRI respects and honors the privacy rights of all of its respondents and the personal information they submit.

Any personal information you submit will not be sold to telemarketers, nor will it be used for sales solicitations. You will in no way receive any sales solicitations of any kind by submitting your information.
Join a PRI Database
You may join a PRI database by clicking here and filling out the database submission form.

If you are a medical professional and would like to sign up for the PRI Medical Database and join thousands of other medical professionals, please contact us via phone or email.

Phone: (314) 863-2800 ext. 204

Requested Information for Medical Database Submission
  • Full name
  • Medical specialties (e.g. FP/GP, Neuro, RN, NP, etc.)
  • Hospital/Office affiliations
  • Hospital/Office location (Address, City, State, Zip)
  • Relevant contact information (Hospital or office phone number needed for validation)
  • Preferred contact information (Direct line such as a cell phone, pager, home phone, direct extension, etc. email address or gatekeeper)
PRI will validate all medical submissions to ensure accuracy before entering them into the database. PRI has over 3,000 St. Louis area medical professionals in its database, as well as doctors nationwide and the availability of sampling frames in any US market. PRI is conveniently located only blocks from Washington University.
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